Everyone starts somewhere. Even the greatest activists, politicians, and organizations began somewhere. And so can you. 

Activism provides an outlet for community engagement. Through activism, we become the voice of a movement. Our involvement generates change and inspires entire communities to do the same and thus, creating a cycle of change. 

So where to begin? Are you looking to ramp up your community engagement? Check out these three tips that will help you get involved in your community!

  1. Get to know your cause
    • There are many ways to make your community involvement more personal and tailored to your specific movement. But first, you need to decide what it is that moves you! What local or national issues inspire you? What needs changing? Ask yourself, “who are they, what do they care about, and how can you serve?” The best way to get started is to simply reach out and get involved with local organizations that interest you. There are plenty of ways to make a difference in your community, so find an issue or cause that you’re passionate about and roll up your sleeves. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start – there are lots of great places to look for volunteer opportunities, like your local community center, faith-based organizations, or even online databases like VolunteerMatch. Org. Whatever you do, make sure you have a reason to get involved beyond just supporting the cause – show genuine involvement!
  2. Get involved
    • Get creative with how you choose to get involved. The best community engagement happens when you get creative and personal with how you reach out. Door-to-door canvassing, putting up flyers, and sending emails may work to some extent, but if you want to make an impact, get out there and talk to people in person!  You can use your talents and interests to make a difference, meet new people, and gain experience. Getting involved in your community can also help you develop new skills and knowledge. And finally, by getting involved in your community, you can help make it a better place for everyone.
  3. Spread the word
    • Though it may be daunting, one of the best ways to approach your community engagement and activism career is to spread the word. Approach strangers at community events or even just walking down the street – let them know what your cause is all about and see if they might be interested in getting involved too. Tell your friends and family about the cause, organization, or injustice that you are working for. You never know who you might meet or what kind of difference you could make simply by taking the time to have a conversation. Offer a variety of ways for people to get involved, so that there is something for everyone.

Activism isn’t created overnight. Our involvement takes days, weeks, months, and years to see widespread change. But that does not mean our work does not matter. Because it does! By getting involved with what moves us, we spread the word and work together to more effectively identify needs and address problems. We all begin our activism and community involvement somewhere. Where will you?

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