Here at SoAct, we believe in the power of organizing for positive change. Whether you are fighting for social justice or raising awareness about a local issue, everyone has the power to become an activist. Wherever you are in your activism, advocacy, and awareness journey, SoAct is a place where you can connect with like minded people to make a positive difference in the world, no matter how small. 

Impact Your Community

We are a condensed social media platform that is centered around your passions and desire to positively impact shared communities. 

For Individuals, Nonprofits, and Organizations

Individuals, organizations and nonprofits join the app to raise awareness, connect with like-minded individuals, host events, give awards and certificates, and grow their communities by being easily searchable in our database. 

Collaborate For a Better Future

We stand with our community and support them in the difference that they are trying to make. SoAct is not only just an app, it is also a  movement that we created for us all to collaborate to create a better future.

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